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Peewee Gets Dicked

Last we saw horny Latin bottom boy Peewee, he was getting a rough fuck (that he didn't really mind a bit) from merciless top Duman. This time he's getting just as much XXL cock, but wrapped in a sweeter package. Samir is the kind of driven top who doesn't need the bells and whistles of dominating and showing who's boss. He just wants to feel his swole cock inside a hot, throbbing juicy ass that appreciates him being there. That's what Peewee's custom-built for. Samir is muscular and built, sexy in his turned-back beisbol cap. And he's laid back enough to let Peewee take good care of his stiff fucktool without a lot of micromanagement.

Peewee starts out with a deep wet blowjob that has Samir hankering for more, then braces against the doorframe to take all the hard drilling Samir can dish out. That big raw cock slides in like a hand in glove, and has both Latino studs moaning with erotic fervor. Samir pumps in from above and behind, then lets Peewee get another musky mouthful before ramming in for the big finish. He speeds up and lets loose, letting his dick spray out its held-back splatter of sticky cream onto Peewee's hole. He slides his twitching tool back in for a replay, then finishes by dipping a toe or two into Peewee's satisfied cumhole. The way the best fuckbuds do...

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PATRIC on 14 Feb 2023
This Colombian guy Peewee, becomes my most favorite man and he has such a gorgeous muscular body. As soon as he got undressed and I was breathless when I saw his nude male body. His smooth chest, his perky and sensitive nipples and his uncut banana dick is so massive. Hottest bareback scene where Top Duman, fucks Peewee very hard with his huge uncut cock. Hope that both guys will make a hot bareback scene with other hot Colombian men at Rawhole.