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Pablo Rides Again

Lean, mean Venezuelan tattooed fuck machine Pablo is hard to forget, with his muscled body, sexy glint and rapid-fire topping technique. He's back for more bareback hijinks with veteran bottom cub Angelo. After Pablo slathers Angelo with lover boy kisses to start things off, Angelo lies down with his cock hard, legs up and spread wide open. He wants Pablo's big fuckpole rammed in raw, and he's sure gonna get it. And more! Already stiff as steel, Pablo pins Angelo's legs back and buries his face in the hairy twink's fur-lined ass crack. Panting for a deep bare fuck Angelo starts stroking his dick. Pablo's finger slides in to his cockhungry buddy with no resistance, but he wants some oral service from the sexy little cocksucker first. Slung back in a corner chair, Pablo beats his XXL uncut tool as Angelo kneels in front. He darts his tongue into Pablo's long foreskin then swallows the big fucktool to the root. Pablo pulls him up onto his lap, rock hard woody pressed into Angelo's wet furry crack.

Tilting his head back in ecstasy as he grinds his hole onto Pablo's thick cock, Angelo moans for more. He steps to the bed and props one foot up to open his hole wide for a deep fast pummeling. Pablo fires a gob of spit onto the hairy hole and works the big blunt head in first. He smacks Angelo's thick butt as he speeds up to his trademark jackhammer screw. Covered in a sheen of sweat, Pablo plows in as Angelo reaches back to pull his ass cheeks open wider. He straddles Angelo's face as the bottom boy licks his nuts and gobbles down his slick woody. When he rams back into Angelo's twitching butthole, he pulls all the way out with each thrust and drills in to the fuzzy pubes. Angelo loves every stroke but can't take much more without blowing his load. With Pablo breeding his big wad inside, Angelo starts with a splash then drenches his furry abs with a geyser of red-hot cum that sprays all the way to his scruffy beard.
Pablo licks the cum, gives Angelo a friendly smack across the face and leans in for a long deep kiss.

Comments (2)

Jean Pierre on 28 Feb 2023
OMG This video was a real blockbuster with those 2 horse hung latino guys. Tatted Pablo a Venezuela native and Angelo are my most favorite men. I was breathless to watch their nude male body, their hairy chest, perky nipples and their uncut banana dicks and balls are so massive and huge. Enjoy the way how Angelo, is sucking off that huge 11 inch shaft of Pablo and getting fucked too hard bareback by him in this hottest man to man encounter ever seen. Bring both men soon back on stage at Raw Hole.
Payton Tosari on 28 Feb 2023
OMG Pablo from Venezuela is horse hung and my favorite man. His tatted body is so hot and his uncut banana dick and big hanging balls are so massive. Pablo love to fuck other men really hard as hairy body Angelo in this video. Those foto's from this video are very nice to see. Thanks Rawhole editor for those nice shots with sexy Pablo.