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Oral October - Remi's Late Date

Sexy Venezolano Remi has big dark eyes to match his big dark uncut tool. What he DOESN'T have is patience when a buddy might flake. Lying on the bed checking his phone for a message, he fidgets with the crotch of his pants and finally decides if no one's coming by to suck him off, he might as well stroke it. He reaches in. pulls out the tawny tan monster and begins to beat off. In the nick of time, his late date Rapper appears to lend a "hand". With a warm smooth hand milking his dick, Remi forgets his annoyance with a satisfied smile.

Rapper loves cock, and with Remi's there's a lot there to love. He crouches next to the bed and takes it all down his talented throat. Before long Remi's fully committed, fucking Rapper's handsome bearded face with a vengeance. His veiny tool slides down like buttah, and Rapper's a very happy sucker. When he's ready to blast, Remi pulls back for just a moment to beat his woody and let a thick stream drizzle down the shaft and drench his big heavy nuts. Rapper stands back in awe before he buries his face in all that sweet cummy manhood. Wanna bet he won't be late next time?