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Oral October - Nutlicker

Most of us love to lick, worship and swallow a hot, precum-dripping cock, but horny Latin twink Rafael has more exotic tastes. If it's up to him, he'd rather be tugging, licking and rolling around in his juicy mouth a pair of tight, nut-brown, musky, low-hanging nuts. With anonymous partner The Butcher he doesn't have to do a thing but give the top's tight sack and oversized huevos the attention they deserve. Reaching into The Butcher's briefs he yanks out a pair of heavy balls and gets them into his mouth like it's his last meal. Stretching the scrotum to its limits, he gives each orb a warm wet tongue bath.

Into position on the floor looking up into Butcher's hot fuzzy crack, Rafael takes both nuts into his greedy mouth and jerks his stiff cock with his hands. Butcher's low growls get more insistent, so Rafael stretches out and starts beating off his own dick while he holds his buddy's shiny dickhead against his tongue. With a long groan Butcher coats his tongue with a sticky wad that drips down onto his chin and beard. Splatters run down the twitching cock into the fuzzy hairs of his nuts. Rafael sucks and cleans off every drip, sprays his own sperm into his beating palm.