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Oral October Bonus: Lickin' Lorenzo

Lorenzo's a tall, goodlooking 19-year old Panamanian with a smooth, tight build and a boyish charm. The perfect foil for sexy cocksucker Rafael, a true virtuoso of the tongue and throat. Raf practically pins Lorenzo against the wall as he kisses DEEP and chews on Lorenzo's thick lush lips. He drops to his knees and gives the handsome young top's long uncut tool the once-over. The two horndogs lie back onto the bed and Rafael positions himself between Lorenzo's big thick muscle thighs to give him a long leisurely blowjob that has his toes curling in appreciation.

"While you're down there" action leads Rafael straight to Lorenzo's smooth tight puckered hole. His sexxxpert tongue is built for rimming, has Lorenzo moaning for more as he licks and probes into that sweet asshole. Back to blowing, and horned-up Lorenzo can't take much more. He lies back and strokes solo, milking out a creamy splatter onto the milky skin of his late teen abs. Looking at Rafael, he smiles beatifically and breaks into a happy chuckle.