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Nobhill Bareback

Casey and Dominic are in the performance area of the Nob Hill Cinema, the late lamented strip and live sex show emporium in SF. Taking advantage of the stage, mirrors and stripper pole during off hours, the incendiary duo rub neoprene-clad crotches together and get down to business with some cocksucking.

Casey uses his hot juicy mouth to give a spectacular drippy blowjob, then Dominic holds his shoulders and fucks the dick deep into the muscular twink's open mouth. Braching himself on the pole, Casey kneels with ass up and offered to his partner, and Dominic takes the occasion to lick and probe ihms tongue deep into that fuzzy hole. He stands at the edge of the raised stage and pumps his cock effortlessly into Casey. The hole throbs and opens easily for each deep smooth stroke as Dominic garbs Casey's hips to push in even further. They mash faces together in a hot passionate kiss, then Casey turns to face the mirros and watch himself getting rammed by Dominic and his massive uncut cock.

Speeding up, the prick pops in and out as they go for the full insertion on every stroke. Then tighter and closer, harder, hands on hips, Dominic plows in to the furthest reaches of his young stud's hole. When Casey lies back with legs outstretched, Dominic is already leaking precum out of the well-fucked ass and Casey can't hold back his load one second more. He explodes in a hot volley of cum onto his lightly hairy trail. Dominic licks up every drop and shares the creamy treat with Casey, then charged with the mouthful of his boy's cum, he shoots and pushes the sticky load deep into the hot twink stud. He licks and worships Casey's cummy ass in relief and gratitude.

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dtodt1951 on 15 Apr 19
Dominic, you are always the man--sexy, strong, sense-sational! This is not among my favorite scenes--not my cup of tea. Believe it or not, it is mostly because of the shoes. I get distracted when shoes or socks are worn during sex. Oh, well!

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