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Menage - Behind the Scenes

Once the cameras start flashing the hot young fuck trio of Arthurs Mondelo, Davi Paixao and Rico Marlon perk up their stiff cocks and get into gear. Following director Dominic's lead they go through all the motions that will come up in the action scene to follow. The cam captures their sexual heat in a series of stills. Outside the weather rages and thunderclaps punctuate the shoot.

Davi's the class clown of this threesome, giggling between takes. But once cocks are involved he focuses quickly on getting pumped and plowed from both ends. Rico and Arthur switch places in the spitroast, alternating ramming into Davi's sweet little ass and getting their knobs slobbered by his juicy mouth. The threeway turns into a tag team as Arthur and Rico stand erect and ready at Davi's ass, taking turns on his ravenous boyhole. The final part of this peek behind the scenes finds Davi kneeling on the carpet while the two tops slpap their dicks around his face. He samples this cock buffet, tasting each of the big Brazilian muscle studs like a kid in a candy store.

Rico Marlon

Hair Color: Black
Complexion: Bronzed
Build: Hard built muscle
Body Hair: Light hair and furry trail

Deeply tanned with a creamy tanline, Rico is a dream of a Latin lover. More accurately, a hard pumping xxxtra hung top that wants to split your ass open. His chiseled face and...