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Melvin Dicks Davos

Smooth dark Latin stud Melvin sits spread-legged on the floor facing Davos, but these two hot bare fuckers aren't here to play pattycake. Davos dives a hand into Mel's undies and pulls out a hard, up-curved cock already raring for some action. He gets his mouth around the big fucktool and starts sucking, and Melvin gives an aggressive little push to help it go down further. Davos is prepped and ready to get his ass boned, kneels against the bed with his sexxxy ass aimed at Mel's booty blaster. Wrapping an arm around Davos' chest, Melvin pumps his big bare cock in to the hilt.

Moaning encouragement for every thrust, Davos bumps his butthole back into the horny top and they speed up their raw fuck. Melvin teases Davos' hole, pulling out until his curved dick pops out into the open air, then works it back in, hitting every magic button along that trip. So revved up to get his ass reamed and creamed, Davos howls louder. Mel lets his weight rest on top and plows in from above, the thick veiny dick so stiff it looks like it could explode. Davos gasps for breath and spreads his legs wide open to take all the hard dickin' he can get. Melvin screws in with a fury, holding Davos by a handful of hair and ready to blast at any moment. He pulls out to stand at Davos face, jerks his load int his bottom bud's face and mouth. But he's not done, breeding back in for a double dip. Caught in a mindless fuck frenzy, he gazes dizzily into the camera as it zooms in close and fades.