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Marcos Takes On Christian

Marcos Xico is a cock-starved bottom with a sweet, accommodating nature and a furry ass. He can't wait to get his mouth and butthole around handsome Colombian Christian Konnor's thick, up-curved dick. But once they meet, Christian breaks off their kisses to tackle Marcos to the bed, yank down his tight jeans and dive right in to lick and suck on the bottom's hungry hole. Marcos may have to wait a while to get his mouth onto Christian's big uncut Latin cock.

Before you know it, Christian's smooth thick tool is buried balls deep into Marcos' hairy pucker. He rams in from behind and lets Marcos have his own fun with a grinding cock ride, straddled across Christian's lean waist. Things heat up fast, with Marcos' appreciative moans echoing through the room with every deep drilling thrust.

When Christian feels a load boiling up from his heavy nuts, he finally relents and lets Marcos suck him off. Marcos nurses on Christian's woody, with spit and precum leaking out of his cocksucking mouth. Christian pulls his dick out just in time to spurt shot after shot of sticky cum across Marcos' cheek and dripping down to his chin. Drenching in molten manjuice, Marcos milks out a load of his own as Christian leans down to share a cum-sticky kiss and cuddle.