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Lucky Lindo

Who is that masked man and what is he doing to sexy bottom boy Lindo? We're not quite sure the reason built regular guy stud Kara has his face wrapped up from neck to scalp, but he's horny and DTF, and Lindo is living for that big bare cock. There's no kissy-face or foreplay here. Kara steps in with hardon at full mast, stands with his cock in Lindo's juicy crack and just rams it in. If you're a fan of non-stop anal deep-dicking, this is just the hookup for you. Halfway through Lindo gets a rest break to swallow Kara's stiffy, but aside from that it's tough, hard, deep in and out, with lots of sharp slaps to Lindo's big thick cheeks, that doesn't stop till Kara summons up a big guttural moan and squirts his sperm as far up Lindo's hole as he can shoot. And then when he pulls out, he steps aside and sprays a hefty stream of piss on the floor, just to clean out the pipes. It's raw and it's real, and Lindo and Kara are having the manly fuck of their dreams.

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Musculartop9 on 18 Apr 2023
excellent videography