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Lucca's Lucky Fuck

Dark, handsome bearded and tattooed, Latin Lucca Santanna can't get enough of brown Brazilian top Cesar Dotadao. Starting at his nips and chest Lucca works down till he's faced with cramming Cesar's big fat 9-incher down his throat. He gags a little but gets it good and wet. Cesar gets the idea of what Lucca's after and runs a hand down to the hot muscleboy's asscrack. Between his mouth and beating fist, Lucca has worked Cesar's massive tool to its full stiff girth. The sexy bottom poses on all fours with shoulders down and butt poking up for Cesar to lick. The big dark top stud runs his thick long tongue up Lucca's crack and gets it wet and ready as well.

Lying on their sides, Lucca feels Cesar's mahogany monster opening up his bare ass. He groans with satisfaction and Cesar slams in hard. Lucca reaches for his cock and starts beating in time with Cesar's long deep raw strokes. Cesar rams in from behind and Lucca meets every pump with a twerking grind. Cesar holds him by the neck and lets the hungry bottom do all the work. He pushes Lucca's head to the mattress and starts plowing in faster. They separate, Cesar licks the ropes of cum shooting out of Lucca's spurting cock, then milks his own load into Lucca's waiting mouth.

Cesar Dotadao

Ethnicity: BLatino - Brazilian Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 2,05m
Weight: 88 kg
Penis Size: 24 cm
Position: Top
Gay/Straight/Bisexual: Gay
Body Hair: Smooth
Social Media:


Lucca Santanna

Ethnicity: Latino - Brazilian
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 1,70M
Weight: 67 kg
Penis Size: 19 cm
Position: Bottom
Gay/Straight/Bisexual: Bisexual
Body Hair: Smooth
Social Media: