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Lares' Bed Buddy

When new model Lares is matched up to do a scene with Galo, the veteran Latino rawfucker does his best to go with the flow and to make Lares comfortable and enjoying his onscreen debut. Lying on the bed with smokes, they chat for a while until Galo breaks the ice an drops his drawers for Lares to rim his hungry hole. What follows is hardly the rigid kind of action we often see in porn, the usual oral, rimming, a few positions of anal and the cum shot. They fuck around like buddies, one taking the lead and the other following in all the activities guys get into in real life sex.

After Lares rims and sucks Galo's dick, they switch off. Galo does the sucking and ass-eating then. Who cares which stud is doing what as long as it feels hot and they're having some dirty fun. But Galo's not gonna cum till he gets his turn inside Lares' smooth tight hole, and rams his long thick tool in hard and deep. He plows in while his buddy takes it from behind then climbs on for a deep juicy dick ride. Galo takes hold of Lares' muscular thighs and drills his cock in for a sticky finish. Pulling out, he yanks his uncut tool a few strokes to geyser out a hot creamy load onto Lares' hard woody. The two exhausted, fucked-out buddies lie back to enjoy the afterglow.