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Kisses And Cum Shots

Spiky and lean, Satan Angel is a cocky Latin top with the cock to match his attitude. But bearded and handsome Bryan Latino is not complaining as the two start their meetup with groping and deep kisses.
Bryan can't wait to get his mouth onto Satan's musky tool, taking it all the way down as the two whisper low dirty talk to each other, setting a horny mood that just escalates by the minute. Satan dives in to lick and suck on Bryan's hole like he was born to rim, running his tongue forward and back to flick the tip against his buddy's throbbing pucker. With one hand on each butt cheek, Satan spreads Bryan open to dive his face in deeper, with the bottom whimpering for more than just a tongue. He won't need to ask twice.

Satan rises up to stand behind, with his big dick pressing into Bryan's saliva-lubed hole. Bryan takes hold and pulls that stiff tool all the way in as Satan begins thrusting. Watching his raw dick open up the furry ring of Bryan's asshole, Satan speeds up and drills harder. He lets Bryan take a break and swallow his butt-musky cock for a moment before he lays the hairy bottom down on his side and rams in as he holds one leg up and spread wide. Bryan stares up into Satan's eyes to gauge his rising heat. When he's getting too close to hold back, Satan grabs his buddy by the knees and gives it a last deep hard volley of thrusts, stands to jerk his cock into Bryan's mouth. As Bryan darts his tongue up to Satan's spurting dick, his own strokes get faster and longer. A big load cums boiling up from his nuts to drench his fuzzy abs. Satan slides a thumb in to scoop out a drop of gleaming cum, then leans in to share one more hot wet kiss.