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January Jerkers - Olaf the Onanist

He's tough, tatted and wielding a thick XXL weapon between his legs. Watch out for our formidable Olaf the Onanist, here to whack that dick till it spews out a hefty splatter of sweet and salty man cream. He starts by peeping out the window at something spicy as he fondles the rapidly inflating meat bulge in his undies. When he drops his drawers to unleash the beast it's a good 10" and stiff as coiled steel, with a long foreskin covering the big mushroom head. It's a two hander, to be sure, but he likes to lightly close his fist around and give that monster a long slick stroke.

This rough and ready Latin stud has all the tool to satisfy any thirsty bottom, but tonight he's enjoying that cock all to himself. Olaf sits reclined at the head of the bed with long legs spread wide apart. More room to give his cock and balls the liftoff space they require. He gently pulls the skin forward to stretch out past the tip, with a bead of precum glistening at the opening. Body smooth and pubes a light stubble, only his ass has a thatch of downy fur around the hole we can see as he wanks. He gives his session time, feeling so good there's no hurry. But his balls have other ideas, and boil up a batch to blast out soon. Watching that trophy dick proudly, he lets it swell to the max veiny girth as it prepares to pop a load. The cum geysers up and out, as Olaf the Onanist smiles contentedly and keeps on beating.

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PATRIC on 04 Feb 23
OMG This solo video is a blockbuster with this newcomer Olaf the Onanist. Can't believe my eyes when I saw him getting undressed and show us his hot male body. His tattoes chest, perky and sensitive nipples and his huge uncut banana dick is so massive. Olaf has for sure the biggest uncut cock I have ever seen. Love to watch how he strokes that huge shaft. Bring Olaf soon back on stage, love this guy !!
martyP2020 on 12 Feb 23
Olaf the Onanist becomes my most favorite man at Rawhole, fell in love with this guy as soon as I saw him in this video. showing us his hot tatted body, chest and his huge uncut banana dick which is so huge! Editor hope to see Olaf returning soon back to Rawhole in a new hot man to man encounter.