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January Jerkers - Daguy Pulls His Pud

(Rawhole's been saving up some of the hottest solos for our January Jerkers bonus Friday series, but we just couldn't wait a day longer to kick it off with this hot session from shaggy South American fave Daguy...)

We've seen iconic Latino blond beauty Daguy get up close and personal with his big uncut dick and perfect hungry asshole, but never quite like this. At first we catch him with his big brown tool completely soft, sticking a finger into the long foreskin and tickling the head. He yanks on the skin gently and soon his famous fucktool takes shape, hard and fuckready. And just below, the tan pucker of his butthole is twitching and throbbing, aching for some action. He brushes his fingers across the hole softly, spits on his hand and gets his crack wet and glistening. Patting and prodding, he rouses that ass into combat readiness, and it makes his cock ROCK hard. Stroking his dick is not a herculean effort for Daguy. He makes it look as easy and natural as a morning stretch. His fingers go into his mouth, then he brushes them against the downy hair of his armpit, across the firm muscles of his defined pecs and abs.

Daguy rises up with feet spread wide, glances happily down into the camera as his jerking gets serious. He's ready to blow, and wants us to get the hottest angles. As his nuts draw up tight and into firing position, he groans. Shot after shot of male goodness rockets out in big splashes onto the mattress, and a satisfied Daguy curls up for a well-deserved post coital nap.