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January Jerkers - Caesar's Sticky Reign

Caesar is in no hurry. He's feeling sexy, warm and erotically charged in every inch of his beautiful body, and honestly who wouldn't if you looked like this hot Latino stud? A classic multiracial South American, with light brown hair, honey colored eyes and tanned skin the color of coffee with cream, he's very easy on the eyes. His firm round ass, legs and chest are lightly dusted with downy hair, and his smooth uncut dick is long, thick and slightly upturned. Relaxing on the bed, he gives his butt a couple of pumps to get his dick into gear, rolls over and starts fondling his crotch in an easy, laid-back way.

His dick might be more driven than Caesar, as it springs right to life and oozes a pearly drop of precum that lubes his shiny head and foreskin. He reaches down to brush his hand across his ass, goes back to smooth, unhurried stroking. When the rhythm slowly speeds up, he rises to his knees. Watching his tool as it swells into firing position, he breathes a little quicker and shoots a gooey wad across his tight abs. Giving the camera some attention, he flashes a pearly smile and settles back into the bed for a well-earned rest.