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January Jerkers - Belus' Booty Blast

Sweet scruffy Belus has a pair of thick pouty lips that are made for sucking cock, and an ass that's made for taking everything you can ram into it. His dick is uncut, thick and XL, but it takes a little bit more than jerking to get him off. Enter a mysterious stranger with a silky black glove to finger and practically fist Belus' fuck-starved hole to push him over the edge into orgasmic ecstasy. When that gloved hand first appears Belus takes a finger into his mouth and sucks, and before you know it that finger is opening up his ass and he's howling for more.

And that's not the only anal invasion Belus and his unseen buddy are up to. There's a big dildo that Belus takes into his twitching booty, standing it up and squatting down to take it mostly all in. He tickles his pucker with one hand and strokes with the other, drilling in to explore his hot smooth insides. When he's ready to blast, Belus kneels on the bed and watches his dick swell as he strokes. His moans get louder and spaced closer. A hot geyser of musky male goo rockets out and drenches his fuzzy, lean-muscled chest as he keeps on beating. As his woody deflates, the gloved hand reaches in to play with his long foreskin as Belus settles drowsily onto the pillow.