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Hot Dirty Threeway

What represents the red-hot diversity of sex between Brazilian males better than a no-holes-barred threesome between horny bareback studs of different colors and types? Caio Rodriguez is hung, dark and muscular, Pytter Fox is lean, ripped and handsome, and Rawhole favorite Rick Paixao is a studly tattooed man's man. They don't need time to chat and break the ice. The minute they are together and naked things start happening. Dirty things, just the way we like them.

Caio stands on the couch with Pytter and Rick on the floor with mouths at a perfect height to start things off with some juicy blowjobs. Rick is slurping down Pytter's upturned stiffy while Pytter has a mouth stuffed full of chocolate-colored dick, courtesy of Caio. Then Caio steps down to bury his face in Rick's perfect round ass. Pytter is grinding his crotch around Rick's face and getting his nuts licked. Rick beats Pytter's cock and tries to swallow the long hard monster, but gags as it hits the back of his throat. Pytter is on his knees sucking both studs one after the other. Rick crouches to rim Pytter's tight hole.

These studs are versatile, and Rick slicks his cock and plows bareback into Pytter's smooth butthole while Caio looks on with envy, but only for a moment. Rick climbs onto Caio's lap and grinds his opened-up asshole for a deep hard drilling, and now Pytter envies Rick getting his butt reamed. Rick's got cock to spare, slams his straight up Pytter. Then the action heats up into a spitroast with lucky Rick in the middle getting plugged front and back. Pytter gets his turn to top as he crams his rod into Rick. All this hot, wet, raw screwing is getting close to the edge. Caio and Pytter pull out to milk their dicks in Rick's face, showering him with a cum facial. Drenched in musky sperm, Rick beats his dick to a splattering juicy load.

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Payton Tosari on 05 Mar 2023
OMG Hottest scene ever with this hot all latino male cast. Rick Paixao, Pytter and horse hung tatted dude Caio, are some of my favorite men. I was breathless when I watch, they getting undressed and I saw their hot nude male bodies, Their smooth chest, sensitive and perky nipples and their huge uncut banana dicks which are so massive and huge. Watching that hot cocksucking on tatted Caio his huge uncut cock was really hot to see. I love to watch this hot cock sucking video where action is so hot where horse hung Rick Paixao sucks that huge banana dick of Caio. Thanks editor Rawhole for bringing us this hot video ! Bring this hot male cast back soon in a next hot bareback video. Especially 8 inch big boner Pytter !!