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Hot Bare Flippers

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Both Brazilian barebackers moaning, Yury slides his thick pole into Paulo's quivering hole. Drilling in balls deep, he gives Paulo's thick booty a smack. He fucks it into Paulo from behind, above or from the side--his dick is a steel rod splitting Paulo's booty wide open. After Paulo bounces on that cock as he rides Yury, it's time to switch things up. Handsome Yury gets on his hands and knees to take Paulo's big meaty cock. He beats his dick as his ass gets rammed full of Brazilian sausage. The room echoes with moans and slapping flesh against flesh. When the moans turn to hearty yells, Paulo squirts his sperm deep into Yury. Cum splatters out of his well-fucked hole as he milks his own splatter into Paulo's face in a cummy welcome to the new guy around Rawhole.