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Guerra Gets A Raw Dick

Guerra is a built Latin bottom who lives for hot, dripping, bareback cock. And who doesn't? Today it's getting dished out by dark, handsome, and HUNG top Abraham Shehell, who's got everything Guerra's looking for. Guerra climbs on top of Abraham and swaps tongues, making out like his life depends on it. Soon he's worked his bottom magic and Abraham is stiff and fuck-ready. He slides his tongue around Guerra's crack and twitching hole, slides a slick finger in while Guerra spreads his legs so far open it's almost a 180. Then he gets one last juicy, musky mouthful of Abraham's cock before it's buried deep in his hot love tunnel.

Do we need to mention how much Guerra loves cock? He writhes and grinds down on top of Abraham, taking it as hard and deep as his horny top buddy can dish out. Pinning Guerra down on the couch, Abraham goes in for the final sprint before it's blastoff time. He grabs Guerra's narrow hips and drills in balls deep. Ready to blow, he pulls out, his upturned cock swollen and veiny. A stream of molten cum spurts into his palm and drips onto Guerra's butt. Never one to waste a drop, Abraham leans down to lick his spermy splash off Guerra's throbbing ass.