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Goin' "Straight" for the Dick

Two hot young studs who identify as "straight" waste no time getting their pants down and getting busy. Scruffy white dude Jake pops a boner when Latin Ricky sprawls across his lap. He spreads Ricky's cheeks and gives his ass a kiss before Ricky kneels back and starts sucking him off. Holding the young tan horndog by the back of his head, Jake fucks up into Ricky's insatiable mouth. He tosses aside his cap and pulls his 'beater up over his shoulders to feel more skin to skin contact with his buddy.

Giving Ricky's tight muscular butt a smack, Jake rubs his hand along the soft booty fur around the hole. He dives in and starts nursing on Ricky's asshole, Ricky grinding back into his burrowing face. He plows his stiff tool in raw and rough. Ricky pins his legs back to his chest, gives Jake free rein to pump ass to his dick's content. Legs hanging off the couch, Ricky gets his hole reamed by the tatted white dude. Jake backs off, feeling his load ready to geyser out, but Ricky picks up the slack and bumps his booty into Jake all the harder. Ricky squirts his wad over his chest then Jack sprays his ass with hot cum and fucks it back in.

(Thanks to IntenseCash for this COVID-19 era video content trade, originally seen on BrokeStraightBoys)