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Gaycation Brazil - Three Sauna Studs

Travis writes to his buddy Alex that the saunas in Brazil are so teeming with studs that he just had the hottest orgy of his life, and the guys he met have all he ever wanted in big cocks. He happens upon Sexy lil' Latin twink Davi Paixao and ebony bearded top stud Miguel Baiano making out in the steamroom and joins in the fun as they take their threeway to a private room.

Travis gets a hefty mouthful of Davi then a throatful of hung Afro-Brazilian Miguel. Davi and Travis double team on Miguel's crotch as Davis sucks his nutsack and Travis gobble down his massive tool. Davi and Miguel take turns plowing Travis cockhungry hole, then beat their cocks to a thick creamy splatter in his face. Wiping up the puddle of sperm they feed their tasty spooge to the hot tourist. Travis shoots his sticky load onto his tight defined abs.