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Flip and Lick Latin Boys

Two guys with just enough difference to make those sparks fly, Rick Paixao with his scruffy beard and big splashy tattoos takes on lean, handsome, cleancut Johnny Louis. After a passionate first kiss, Johnny gets on his knees and swallows Rick's dick and balls, gazing up soulfully into his stud's dark eyes. Rick takes hold and fucks deep into Johnny's throat. Turnabout time and Johnny shows he can be a tough top too, when he slams his own thick tool into Rick's hungry mouth.

Rick turns and props up one leg, a perfect pose for Johnny to spread open his cheeks and slide his tongue up the crack to Rick's musky hole. Johnny rams his tool into Rick's juicy butt while Rick grabs hold of a nearby seat to brace himself. Their hot, tan Brazilian beach bodies pound together in a raw, savage bareback fuck. Rick strokes his piece while his wide open ass swallows Johnny balls deep. But when things get too hot to handle, they pull apart and switch. Johnny climbs on Rick's stiff pole and grinds his hungry ass down. His uncut meat slaps against Rick's nuts with every thrust. The two fuck-crazed studs hold tight to each other. Johnny smiles as Rick sprays out shot after shot onto his lean muscled chest. Then Johnny spurts a creamy wad that runs down into the curly hairs of Rick's ass crack. It's too tasty for Johnny not to dive in to lick it up.

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martyP2020 on 05 Mar 2023
I love this video and those hot pictures of this movie Flip and lick latin boys. My most favorite man in this scene is Rick Paixao. His tatted body, chest and his perky man nipples are so hot. His Uncut banana dick is really massive and so huge. Was a good pairing with horse hung Louis Johnny who is a goodlooking guy with a huge banana dick too...Great video editor Rawhole !

Johnny Louis

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Rick Paixao

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