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Ferraz Plows Kaliu Across the Table

Here's a matchup you fans of raw fucking Brazilian-style have been drooling for. Everhard macho bareback fucker Douglas Ferraz drills his tan uncut piece into the insatiable hole of shaved muscleboy Kaliu and the sparks start flying. Kaliu works up Douglas' appetite when he chews on his nipples, unzips his fly and chows down on that massive upcurved tool.

Every muscle on Douglas' ripped torso tenses and ripples as he pounds into Kaliu's spit-soaked asshole. Kaliu stays rockhard and beats his cock with every rough stroke. He lifts one leg over the tabletop for an even deeper penetration, milks Douglas with his talented hole till the epic top stud has to splatter out a massive load in the hungry bottom's face. He sucks off every creamy drip as Douglas milks out the final shots from his quaking cock.

Comments (1)

rchdmv39 on 08 Jan 2020
I can't understand why when the top was cumming (and every time a top is cumming on this site) you guys act like it's a crime to show anything above the waist. But after he came you guys had no problem showing both guys faces and body; meaning literally while the top is standing there doing nothing (because that's soo hot- being sarcastic). Why is it such a hang up to let us see their dick AND faces/body reactions WHILE they're cumming?