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Fappin' Feder

Feder is a long, lean twentysomething Latino with something very special stuffed into his pants. More than a two-hander, his footlong monster meat is the kind of dick most of us can only dream of getting our greedy paws around. Imagine stroking a fist or two along its gargantuan length and hearing the "fap fap fap" of pure self-satisfaction. Feder has a bit of a smirk across his muscular, defined face, and who could blame him? When he opens his jeans and pulls out his dick, more and more meat rises up, crowned with a long hooded foreskin.

Feder's solo session with "little" Feder (haha) is simple, no-frills and satisfying. The object of his affection is thick, veiny, and a shiny rosy pink. He stands and strokes, settles onto the bed and gets comfortable with legs far apart and dick pointing straight up. Finally he's at the edge and ready to blow. Once his serpentine pole spews its load, it never loses a bit of stiffness and he keeps on going. A thick wad clings to the head and he works on getting the last drips and drops of pure pleasure from a hot session with a massive dick we can all envy.

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Hunglow on 23 Sep 2023
I'll love to get to know you and hangout with you if you're interested?