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Dilan Breeds Dominick

South of the Border Latino studs Dilan Jager and Dominick Vega meet to mate, both thirsty for cock and cum. Big uncut dicks pressed together and lips locked in a deep kiss, they're eager to get the raw fuck action into high gear. Dilan kneels between Dominick's muscled thighs, licking and slurping down his massive tool. He grabs the tatted top by the pec and pulls his face down onto the thick brown meat.

Once Dilan crouched across the sofa, big hard booty pushing back into Dominick's face, plowing time is getting close. Dominick runs a thirsty tongue up into Dilan's twitching hole, gets it wet and open for screwing. Dilan starts beating his dick as soon as Dom presses in raw and deep. He groans passionately, hungry for every inch. He climbs on and bounces on his buddy's stiff cock. Dominick starts thrusting fast, ready to blow at any moment. Dilan lies back with hands folded behind his head, reveling in every stroke. Dominick beats off into Dilan's wideopen mouth, splattering a creamy wad across his juicy tongue.