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Deivid Gets Weslen's Hot Raw Butt

Lean and mean, Weslen Jardins needs dick, and Deivid Miniero is just the powerful man's man to give him all the raw throbbing cock he can take. And then some. Grinding their gonads together as they press together jock to jock, their male pheromones saturate the room. These Brazilian studs are HORNY! Weslen drops to his knees to sniff and nuzzle the big bulge in Devid's pouch. Deivid unleashes the beast, whips out his thick 8-incher for the young bottom to nurse on. Weslen keeps his eyes up on Deivid to gauge the big muscleman's response as he gets his tool slicked and licked. Once Deivid's as stiff and fuck-ready as possible, he gives Wes a smooth deep sucking. Front and back--after slurping down the young pup's dick, he buries his face in Wes' hungry ass. Wes' dick is rockhard and pointing straight out. A gob of spit is all the lube the twink needs and Devid is pumping in bareback.

Wes' hole is tight and cock-starved, and he moans with each rough thrust. Devid grabs him by the head and gives a little smack just to keep Wes focused on fucking. Deivid lies on his back with knees up as Weslen climbs on and grinds his ass onto the invading fuckpole. The young fucker stays rockhard through the deep plowing. His hand moves down to stroke his cock--he's on the edge of cumming. But Deivid is first to shoot his load, spurting cum across Wes' handsome face and into his open mouth.