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Dante's Skinferno

Lean, mean, gorgeous Latino top stud Dante is looking for some raw skin-to-skin fucking, with no strings and no complications. He's found his perfect match in the hungriest bossy bottom around, sexy Davos. These bareback fuckers have no interest in wasting time with kisses and cuddles. Right from the start Dante places his massive cock at Davos' twitching pucker and slides in deep and raw. Davos loves to be dominated, and howls with satisfaction at every hard thrust Dante dishes out, and believe us, there's plenty. This tough top twentysomething likes to punctuate his strokes with a hearty ass slap, and Davos backs his butt up to get those spanks.

This is a packed half-hour of nonstop ass ramming, with the only breaks a few bouts of gagging deepthroat cocksucking when even Davos' well-used hole needs a little breather. Dante's not averse to a little hairpulling or grabbing his bottoms around the neck while he drills his huge tool in till his stubbly pubes are tickling Davos' throbbing sphincter. The cockhungry bottom's crack is leaking a creamy froth of lube and precum when Dante's finally ready to blow, splattering his sperm onto Davos' throbbing ass before breeding it all in. Dripping with musky manjuice, Davos lies next to Dante in a bareback bottom's daze of amazement and deep satisfaction.