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Dante Reams Rive

Lean, mean and XL hung, Dante is a VVGL Latino who's almost brutal when he's plowing into a hungry ass. As he's lying there with his big slightly curved cock sticking straight up, Rive appears like a moth to a flame. Once he grips that big tool to make sure it's not just a dream, he licks and slurps it to get it ready for fucking. Believe us, there's no worry of that. Dante can screw for hours and keep cumming back for more. That's exactly what insatiable Rive needs right now.

Dante lubes up his humongous boner and plows in bareback, straight up to Rive's p-spot. Rive doesn't need words when he can groan, sigh and howl his appreciation and encouragement for the royal reaming Dante dishes out. Dante likes to ram in fast and deep, opening that hole to the very edge where Rive's head is spinning. The hot swarthy bottom's ass has a mind of its own, flexing and backing into every rough thrust. He takes a dickin' and keeps on tickin', and he needs that to keep up with Dante. A half hour in, once these two horndogs have tried out and enjoyed every position they can think of, Dante pulls out and slathers Rive's crack with a thick creamy splatter. But this is far from the big finish. He pumps his spurting cock in to breed his buddy to the depths, and keeps on screwing. Five minutes later, he squirts his sperm again, this time inside. Rivulets of cum drizzle down Rive's wide-open hairy ass and Dante's smooth tight nuts as he speeds up and throws yet ANOTHER fuck Rive's way. Finally wearing out the cock-starved bottom, Dante pulls out. Still hard as a rock, he whispers sweet, South American nothings to the camera. Turning toward the door, he flexes his meaty butt and saunters out. Another fuck-a-thon under Dante's championship belt...

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martyP2020 on 14 Feb 23
This Colombian guy Dante, becomes my most favorite man and he has such a gorgeous muscular body. As soon as he got undressed and lying down on his bed, I was breathless when I saw his nude male body. His smooth chest, his perky and sensitive nipples and his uncut banana dick and balls are so massive. Hottest bareback scene where Top Rive, fucks Dante very hard with his huge uncut cock after he was sucking off that huge shaft. Hope that both guys will make a comeback in a new hot bareback scene with other hot Colombian men at Rawhole.