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Danilo Plows Sammael

Not to resort to the old "hot-blooded Latin" cliche, but swarthy bearded top Danilo and warm smooth honey-complexioned Sammael are the perfect high temperature hookup between a hot stiff uncut tool and a spicy, juicy hole. Right from the start these two South American horndogs make a memorable picture as they suck and lap at each others' tongues and lush smooth lips. It isn't long before Danilo has his face pressed into Sammael's crack, burrowing his nimble tongue into the seXXXy bottom boy's throbbing anus.

And that's not all the burrowing. Danilo lets his mahogany brown uncut piece slide deep into Sam's hungry butthole and starts pumping away. Sammael groans in lust mixed with raw desire. They have so much fun bareback fucking these two almost forget the juicy deep cocksucking part of their date. But Sam makes up for that with a full swallow of Danilo's dick, still moist with musky assjuice and sweat. He moves down to tug on the hot top's low-hangers before they're too hot NOT to assfuck some more. As things speed up, Danilo pulls out to drench Sam's round muscular butt cheeks in a sticky glaze of pure Latino male sperm. He plows back in and squirts more load deeep into Sam's love tunnel, fucking a hefty splatter that covers Sammael's smooth tight abs. Leaning back down to get another taste of Sam's cocksucking mouth, Danilo flashes us a smile of pure ecstasy.