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Chino Gets Dicked and Smacked

Hot Latin bottom Chino loves taking big raw dicks, and getting his thick muscular ass smacked around in the process. Lean handsome tatted top Pablo is just the man to give him all he wants and more. With his belt unfastened and jeans already partway down, Pablo leads Chino to the leather sofa, sets him down and yanks off his workout pants. With a few sharp slaps and a love bite, he tenderizes Chino's butt and gets his ass into gear. Pablo strokes his huge uncut tool a couple times and lubes up Chino's wagging booty. Pablo wiggles his cockhead around Chino's dickstarved hole and then thrusts in hard and fast.

Pablo grabs a handful of Chino's thick hair and pulls his head back as he plows in. The groaning bottom loves every bit of getting bossed around and dominated. Pablo never forgets the slaps Chino loves, smacking him a few times a minute just to remind him who's boss. Chino lifts on foot up on the sofa to keep his hole wide open for a hard bareback drilling. Chino does a shoulder stand on the floor with his sweet booty pointing straight up for his tough top to dive in. When he straddles and grinds his ass down on Pablo on the bed, Pablo turns up his fuck thrusts to supersonic speed. "Sí, sí, sí!!" Chino pleads for more. Fucking a huge spray of cum out of Chino, Pablo pumps his spurting cock in while the bottom splatters his load all over his chest and face. Scraping sperm up from Chino's mouth, he feeds it to the satisfied fuckboi and gives his face a slap for good measure. Cum still dripping off the head of his dick, Pablo stands back and gives him a devilish little laugh.

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martyP2020 on 27 Feb 2023
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