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Chaotic Erotic 3way

This is a wild one. We haven't seen a threeway quite like this outside of real life. It's not orderly, with two guys tag-teaming a bottom or everyone flipping and taking their turns until a final pileup. We've seen little Latino devil Rafael before, with his curly black hair and an evil glint in his eye. Now we get to see all he's capable of when he steps into a hookup between masked muscle boy Code 5 and solid bottom twink Yashiro. Rafael is the group sex ringmaster, diving his face in to rim Code 5 while he's topping, slurping down his balls as he drills his dick in, and facefucking Yashiro with a huge white dildo. Spitting and spanking Yashiro and Code 5 across their seXXXy asses just adds to the fun.

While Rafael spices things up with his toys and hot mouth, Code 5 plows in deeper and with more gusto. Rafael eggs him on, fingering Yashiro when Code 5 needs to catch his breath and unleashing a big wad of saliva into the bottom's open hole. Things are tight wet and crazed, and heating up till balls are boiling over. When Code 5 pulls out and starts beating his big uncut tool, Rafael spreads Yashiro's ass and holds the throbbing hole open just in time for Code5 to squirt a thick wad that slides right in. Once Code 5's sperm splatters cool down and he relaxes on the bed, Rafael sucks the cum out of Yashiro and rims Code 5's perfect, twitching ass. Needless to say, it's a fun ride for everyone.