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Carle Creams Ariel

Dark and seXXXy top Carle and close-cropped built bottom Ariel are pawing each other from minute one, like they've been trapped in a mine collapse for a month with no decent dick at hand. Well now they have hot Latin dick, ass and thirsty throats to try out on each other, and this one's gonna be HOT! Carle has a unique way to horn up his hung top buddy, diving in to lick and suck Carle's hair-lined, musky butthole. Then he opens wide and takes the horny stud's cock deep into his velvety throat. Carle's legs fly up and apart like they're spring loaded to keep that juicy rim job going.

Carle is so stiff and fuck ready after getting his hole licked and tongue-prodded that he immediately wraps his arms around Ariel's chest and drills in raw and rough. He holds Ariel up by the shoulders and slides his woody in to the hot wet hilt. Both horndogs fall to the mattress and grind their gonads into each other with a wild, scorching drive. Ariel straddles Carle's waist and rides his butt down onto the Latin stud's throbbing tool. Carle rolls them over and lets Ariel wrap his legs around to pull him in deeper. Things are at the boiling point as Carle pulls out in the nick of time to glaze Ariel's tight smooth hole with splatters of musky male goodness. Hole twitching and dripping hot sticky cum, Ariel snuggles onto Carle's muscular chest, closes his eyes in bottom boy bliss.