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Carioca Creampie

Pale, chiseled Carioca Duque Vix and mahogany brown, megahung Kadu Castro get right to the action, devouring each other's faces as they kiss like horny Latin maniacs. Mouths wide open they suck at each other's tongues with eyes closed, dreaming of the merciless raw fuck waiting for his ass, and just a few minutes away.

Duque drops to his knees to slurp on that chocolate-colored love muscle popping straight out of Kadu's white undies. Perched on hands and knees, Duque spreads his legs so we can tell how bad he needs his hole reamed and creamed. When Kadu guides his mouth all the way onto his thick uncut manrammer, Duque struggles not to gag, then flashes a gleaming smile when he gets it all down.

Kadu reaches between Duque's legs and milks his hanging cock and pendulous nuts like an udder. When he reaches four fingers into his buddy's cockstarved ass, Duque gasps a bit with excitement. But that's just the first course. Kadu slides his huge ass-splitter in to the hilt, and Duque spreads a little wider to keep his ass open to all Kadu can dish out. Bracing with one hand on the mattress, Kadu drills his dick in to the fuzzy pubes. He rolls Duque onto his back, legs spread into a perfect 180. Duque wants cock, and wants it deep, thick and spurting. He wraps his ankles tight around Kadu's lean hips and his jaw drops in amazement and pure satisfaction. He nibbles his lip as Kadu gets closer to shooting his hot creamy wad. His face turns serious as his nuts pull up tight into firing position. Rocketing a massive load into Duque, he pulls out just in time to witness his buddy's hole churning his sperm back out in a molten stream that coats his crack and thighs. Duque's smile widens with a bottom's ultimate sense of pride. He's pumped full of cum and loving every squirt.