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Canzio Reams and Rims Dali

Canzio is HOT, no argument there. With a steely gaze , lean muscled body and a wicked pair of lips, he's a dream boy, Latino style. Scruffy tatted Dali latches on to those lips and kisses hard, then perches a leg up for Canzio to lick his hungry ass. He grinds that butt into Canzio's burrowing tongue, lubing himself with Canzio's juicy spit. The two young Latin barebackers lock their tattooed hands and get ready to fuck their beautiful brains out. Dali leans over the black leather chair and wags his booty. Canzio plows in with a vengeance, with his bottom bud twerking his hole into every thrust.

Taking control, Canzio pulls out and smacks Dali's lean tight butt with a friendly slap, then fills that ravenous hole with a pair of fingers. He rams back into the newly opened hole even deeper, and Dali groans with satisfaction. After a deepthroat cocksucking break, the two horny studs get back into gear for round two. With Dali lying back with legs up and spread wide, Canzio goes for the gold medal, plowing in tighter and deeper still, He pulls out just in time to drench Dali's twitching hole in a sweet glaze of sticky male love juice.