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Buga's Big Bare Squirt

Slim serious Latino stud Buga doesn't look like a guy with a chip on his shoulder. But he's definitely packing some quiet, reserved 'big dick energy". Below the belt his black hairy bush frames a veiny, massive, 10" mahogany-colored fuckpole, and it's impressively thick to boot. Thirsty bottom boy Jair is just fine with that-- the bigger and thicker the pole, the happier his hole. He starts giving Buga a juicy wet blowjob that has spit dripping off Buga's assrammer and down his chin. Once it's slick and standing straight up, these two rawfuckers see no need to waste time with kisses and hugs. They're ready to rumble hard, deep and rough as they want.

Buga's XXL cock slides into Jair's puckered booty like it was made for this screw. Jair is happy to moan his encouragement for every balls-deep thrust Buga can dish out. The lean-muscled top starts out slow and purposeful, picking up speed with every new position that finds his dickhead tickling Jair's p-spot and beyond. But at the top of Buga's wish list is to shoot his thick creamy wad into his bottom buddy and feel the hot wet juice dripping down his shaft and nuts as he keeps drilling in. When Jair's eyes are about to glaze over in his personal fuck heaven, Buga squirts his load in, over and over. Still hard and twiyching, he pulls his huge cock out to watch his seed ooze out of Jair's throbbing anus with a satisfying splat! Rivers of cum glisten as they run down the happy bottom's taint, drench his nuts and drip off the tip of his foreskin. Nothing like a big sticky climax, and Buga's happy to inspect his thick, white fuck juice.