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Buga Blasts Gus

Macho Buga and cock-starved bottom Gus are pretty well=matched in the libido department, with sex drives set to a hefty volume of "11". We knew when they eventually met and mated that hookup would be a sight to behold, and we're NOT disappointed. Gus climbs on to straddle Buga's swelling crotch, and even before their undies come down things start steaming up. "Mmmmm" and "ahhhh" mix with the raw animal sounds of heavy breathing as Gus grinds his butt across the length of Buga's big tool, then he peels off the big stud's briefs to get a mouthful of that musky uncut goodness. Buga's helpful, grabbing the top of Gus's head to push him down a little further onto that raging hardon.

Horned-up Gus teases the top with a smack across his meaty ass to get Buga up and on his feet to nail him raw and hard against the wall. After a minute of raw deep penetration, Buga tosses Gus onto the bed and plows in with a fury. He pumps in roughly, hands pressing down on Gus's shoulders and hips to get the perfect angle. Drips of hot precum ooze down Gus's crack and his stiff cock points back behind him as his hole gets rammed and reamed royally. Lying on his back, Gus lifts one leg up and out to the side for Buga to pound his ass even deeper. Once Buga's up standing on the floor, screwing that juicy hole as Gus hangs just over the mattress' edge, it's getting close to the final sprint to Cumsville. Gus smacks his stiffy against his tight abs to show Gus how turned on he is, with Gus speeding up and groaning louder. When he pulls out his dick is streaming thick wads of juicy sperm to breed back inside. The feel of Buga's throbbing cock in his twitching hole has Gus splattering his load everywhere, a warm puddle collecting on the downy hairs of his trail. Cummy from abs to crack, Gus lies back to revel in the feeling. "Que rico!!" he moans.


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