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Breeding Gus

Sexy, close-cropped Gus strips down and lies on the bed, thick luscious ass pointed up seductively, when honey-skinned Latino Amilcar spreads those muscular cheeks and dives in for a musky taste. Gus is not what you'd call a "bossy bottom" but he definitely is vocal in letting a top know what he's into and when they're hitting the magic button. He sighs and groans his appreciation.

Once Gus' hole is wet and tongue-lubed, Amilcar flips him over acrobatically to finger him and drill his big hard dick in balls deep. Gus beats his dick in perfect time with Amilcar's thrusts, and the top gives a little extra slickening with a big wet loogie on his cock awhile he plows in. Amilcar likes Gus' furry chest and grabs a couple handsful of hairy pec as he screws. He speeds up and holds Gus by the back of his neck. Time for a cocksucking break, and Gus slurps down that XXL woody almost to the fuzzy root. It feels so good Amilcar feels a load churning up in his nuts and wants to finish inside. He pumps his cock into Gus from behind as he gives a reacharound. Both Latin rawfuckers are getting too hot to hold back. During a deep kiss, Amilcar suddenly has to pull out to cream Gus' nutsack with a hot sticky load, then finish his spurting deep in Gus' twitching ass. Now Gus can't hold back, spurting his wad into his hairy trail. The two buddies embrace and kiss as the camera fades to black.


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