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Breeding Dali's Hot Hole

Darius is an edgy young Latino dude with a mohawk, scruffy beard, with pierced ears and nips. When he hkes up swarthy Dali's t-shirt and starts gnawing at the tatted stud's nips, he seems like a hot bottom getting ready to open up his hungry hole for a raw drilling. But once Dali gets a look and suck of Darius' massive cock, it's pretty clear who wants his ass rammed. Darius slides a rough finger into Dali's butthole, bends him over and plows in. He yanks his huge tool out with a PLOP! then slams back inside as Dali tries to catch his breath.

Dali cranes his neck around to watch his hole getting ravaged by the tough top. Darius points to the lube, and Dali meekly hands it to his boss fucker. Slicked down, Darius speeds up his deeeep thrusts. He lies back and lets Dali ride that stiff curved dick for all it's worth. He slides in balls deep, furry pubes tangling into Dali's hairy ass. It's getting too hot to hold back. After the first squirt, Darius pulls out and splatters Dali's crotch and hole. Breeding the cum back inside, Darius keeps on fucking as Dali strokes his cock. He bites his lip and gasps for air as his own thick load geysers out onto his cum-drenched, tatted abs.

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GONCALIMGAY on 25 Apr 2022
Vire nice movie
Patric on 04 Feb 2023
OMG like this video with Dali and Darius who is a hot latino mohawk. Hottest man to man encounter I have see how Dali is is sucking Darius his perky nipples and suck his big uncut banana dick too. Hottest hard bareback fucking to watch Dali fucking tattoed Darius very hard with his huge banana dick. Great video !