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Breaking in Lucas

New Rawhole stud Lucas Mancinni is tan, built, pierced and tatted. And hung, very well hung... and sexy Augusto Phellipe is just the guy to break him in, show him around the ways of Rawhole. Lucas starts out with a muscular arm wrapped around Augusto's broad shoulders. They swap tongues and Augusto poses on the bed with his black mesh undies showing off his puckered hole to its best advantage. Lucas buries his face in Augusto's crack, pulls the undies aside and sucks hard on the mustached stud's booty. Lucas is sporting a long straight 8-incher by now, and hops up onto the bed for Augusto to slurp it all down. He slaps that big meat monster around Augusto's face and enjoys a hot juicy blowjob. Augusto grabs a pillow and assumes the position on all fours. Lucas licks and slicks the hole, gets it ready to drive in hard. Kneeling behind, Lucas lets Augusto's ass swallow his big stiff cock. He starts thrusting fast and furious, holding Augusto by the neck.

Lucas' heavy nuts smack into Augusto's crack with every stroke. Augusto lies back while Lucas nurses on his slender tan feet. He spreads his legs wide open and Lucas plows in deep. Lucas milks Augusto's cock as he rams his ass full of hard bareback Brazilian love muscle. He stands and lets Lucas get a mouthful of dick, lets it get hot and juicy with spit. He sits on Lucas' big straight prong and rides it for all he's worth. Lucas pulls out and slathers Augusto's smooth crack with a thick splatter of cum, feeds some to his dickhungry buddy. He kneels down as Augusto stands and beats his cock. He shoots into Lucas' cockstarved mouth, bends down to give the new stud a deep cummy kiss.

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Latinlover54 on 04 Sep 2021
Oh my god he is so fine I would so love to get bare backed by him