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Black Box: Orgy

Dominic shares his dick with Drew Dixon while Cazden Hunter stands feeding Drew cock from the other side. Drew swivels around to taste Dominic's raw cock and get a buttload of Cazden, holding onto the black leather turntable to keep from getting knocked off. Another turn and Dominic is back ramming from behind. When Drew turns over onto his back with legs raised high, yet another turn gives Cazden another crack at his loosening hole.

Loose and hungry, Drew is ready for a big toy to fill his cavernous booty. Cazden jerks his cock while Dominic works the big ridged toy in and out. Drew sprays out a powerful stream of man piss that soaks his face and fills his open mouth. Cazden joins in the piss party and hoses down Drew's hot hole. "Yeah, I'm a filthy fuckin' pig!" Drew exclaims as he pushes out his rosebud.

Drew's hole now is so wide-open that yanking the serpentine toy out shows it never closing up, hanging open and cherry red. He's ready for a fist, or two! Dominic and Cazden both lube their hands and wrists, taking turns slamming into Drew with their slick fists. Each of them punch in easily and yank it out for Drew's rosebud to open and bloom with hot desire. As Dominic works his fist in and out, Cazden gets a juicy mouthful of cock then punches back into Drew once more, for good measure.

Cazden Hunter

Hair Color: Dark brown
Complexion: Lightly tanned
Build: Athletic gym body
Body Hair: Light sprinkling of hair on chest, trail and pubes

Cazden is dark-haired, bearded and a powerfully sexy boy next door. Handsome, versatile and hung XL with a beautiful uncut piece, he's hot in...


Dominic Pacifico

Hair Color: Brown
Build: Muscular
Body Hair: Trimmed Natural

Sex god, stud, Renaissance man and superstar, smoldering Dominic Pacifico is the center of attention and undeniable star in any setting, especially in the website bearing his name. Built and packing a mighty 8" of powerful...


Drew Dixon

Height: 5'11"
Complexion: Pale
Body Hair: Smooth

This Brit is long and lean, with tight hard muscles under pale creamy skin. But he's no frail English daisy, this hot uncut power bottom who's happiest with a fist buried in his hungry hole! When not stretching his ass with toys and...