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Big Dick Boricua Biaggi

Dylan Hyde is cruising the hookup apps and hits up "BigDickBoricua", a sunglassed and bandana'ed Antonio Biaggi. Intrigued by Biaggi's stats of a "freakin' huge" cock, he goes on a dick hunt for his dream top. When his booty call turns up just a few feet away, Dylan gets a mouthful of that monster cock for an appetizer. Biaggi reaches around to prod and poke Dylan's hungry butt with his fingers and dives in to lube it up with a wet tongue. He spreads Dylan's fuzzy cheeks to get his tongue in deeper and Dylan grinds his ass into the hot juicy rimming.

Antonio stands and presses his raw uncut monster into Dylan's spitslick hole. Arching his back, Dylan backs in to get every inch. Biaggi pounds hard and fast but Dylan's ass is up to anything he can dish out. Antonio's heavy nuts slap against Dylan's crack with a loud "thwap!" Dylan lies onto a bench and spreads his legs while Antonio yanks his jock off. He plows balls deep into Dylan with a steady rhythm and Dylan just smiles, enjoys every piledriving smack. Groaning like animals they "Yeah!" "Oh yeah" and Fuck yeah!" till it's time to squirt and seed. Biaggi's nuts pull up tight when Dylan sprays his sperm. He pulls his giant pinga out and splatters a hot sticky load on Dylan's hairy crack, squirts the rest inside. He plants a quick kiss on Dylan and moves on to the next fuck.

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Tatwhtguy on 05 Aug 2020
Antonio is a total fantasy.