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Biaggi Busts Into Cory

Tan Puerto Rican stud Antonio Biaggi leans against a shady wall rubbing his crotch when sexy Asian bottom Cory Koons takes the bait and strikes up a conversation. After a halting few sentences in broken Spanglish, they head inside and Biaggi feeds his massive cock to Koons. Cory has to open wide to get the thick caramel-brown tool down his throat. Antonio pulls his shirt up behind his neck, whacking his dick while Cory slobbers on his low-hanging nuts.

Antonio isn't the type to fool around with foreplay, stands behind Cory and slides his giant raw meat into Koons' hungry hole. His balls slap against Cory's as he pounds in hard, leaving the horny bottom gasping for breath. He sits wide-legged on the fireplace hearth and Koons grinds his ass down into the stiff pole. Back on all fours, Cory starts jerking fast while Antonio grabs him by the hips and rams in balls deep. Biaggi yanks his dick out to drench Cory's crack with shot after shot of sticky sperm. The satisfied bottom turns to lick the last drops off Antonio's spurting stiffy. He jabs his rough fingers into Koons, who splatters his cum and scarfs it up where it lands.

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DavisLeConte on 03 Aug 20
3 August 2020Love Biaggi's big fat cock!