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Bare Balcony Balling

Shaved, smoldering Jottae leads tatted and tan Patrick Garcia onto the secluded balcony terrace and pulls him into a deep kiss. They wrap arms around each others' muscular bods, begin grinding their gonads together. Patrick licks Jottae's smooth chest, dragging his pierced tongue over the sensitive nips. Jottae waves his XXL uncut tool in Patrick's face. Patrick sniffs his musky crotch and swallows down the big meat monster. Jottae gets down on the balcony floor to burrow his face into Patrick's ass crack as he beats off. Once it's wet and slick he stands to ram his raw tool deep into his buddy's cockstarved hole.

Patrick bounces his thick round booty into every powerful thrust. Jottae grabs his shoulder and aims straight for Patrick's p-spot. Bracing against the door frame, Patrick groans deep and low, pleading for more cock. Jottae drills balls deep and wags his cock side to side inside Patrick's throbbing hole. He sits against the wall as Patrick climbs on to grind his hole into the massive rod. He reaches down to jerk his cock as he fucks himself. Things speed up and get even hotter. They kneel on a floor mat and Jottae plows in from behind. Patrick sprays his load with a powerful splatter onto his thighs. Jottae takes his big cock in hand and drenches Patrick's handsome bearded face with a thick creamy wad.

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