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Bangin' Belus

Hot scruffy Colombian stud Julian's always getting ready for the next hookup. He's on the terrace calling his upcoming trick while fuckbuddy Belus is face down and ass up in the bed nearby, moaning for his big dick to come and plow him. Tough top Julian wastes no time, strides in dropping his pants on the way. His giant cock is up and stiff as an iron rod, and he pops it in bareback with no muss, no fuss. Like watching a hard raw anal fuck without a lot of foreplay and tomfoolery? Julian's your man to stick his dick in and pump away. He gets the job done right!

Belus is NOT complaining, grinding back into every deep thrust. But Julian DOES give him a little break, just long enough to deep throat his big dick between rounds. Back in where it's hot and juicy, he speeds up to give Belus the load he craves. He pulls out to glaze Belus' twitching anus with a red-hot splatter, then finishes shooting inside as he keeps screwing. It's all a bit too much for Belus to resist, and he can't hold back for long. With legs up and wrapped around Julian's muscular waist, he groans and sprays a massive creamy load. He's fucked out and spent. But Julian has the next fuck to think about. He hops up, sprawls back on the bed and starts jacking. But the way he's fingering his crack, maybe next hookup he's gonna put his firm hairy butt to good use!

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MDindon on 04 Jun 22
It's great now and then to have a scene start with immediate fucking, especially when it's so clear that it's exactly what Belus wants. Then I hoped to see some intimacy and affection between the two, but I guess that wasn't in the plan. Implied ATM at 9:03 -- nice, even with the edit. So surprising to see Julian play with his hole mid-scene, and Julian's post-fuck hole display was unexpected and delightful. The missionary finale was quite good. Not much romance here, but both guys had their sexual needs met. Camerawork and lighting excellent.