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Balling The Baddest Bunny

Despite his name, Bunny's the baddest Butch bottom around. A perfect Latin tough boy with a little beard and a sexy sneer, he's far from a mincing sissy. Bunny's a man's man who lives for taking big bare cock deep and hard, and often. Rafael is up to the task of giving Bunny what he needs. From the first few seconds, Bunny drops to his knees and gets his thirsty mouth around Rafael's bid, dripping uncut tool. Rafael returns the favor in his own way, licking and sucking on Bunny's hairy asshole till he's moaning for cock.

That's when Rafael gets busy, ramming that fucktool deep into Bunny's hot, sweet hole. And Bunny's quick to show his appreciation with loud guttural moans every time Rafael hits the magic spot inside. It's twice as hot when two butch 20-year olds brimming with testosterone and enough cum to float a navy give all they got in the fuck department. It's twenty plus minutes of pure, hot, raw sex, just the way we like it. And gauging from the stream of thick musky load leaking down Bunny's furry crack, he's liking it too. A LOT.