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BTS with Jottae and Patrick Garcia

Here's a second chance to view the hot bareback screwing we loved watching in BARE BALCONY BALLING, with Patrick Garcia and Jottae, this time seeing the videoshoot taking place and glimpsing the behind the scenes action that makes up a hot porn video. Here's how we described the scorching anal action that topped off the original scene:

"Patrick bounces his thick round booty into every powerful thrust. Jottae grabs his shoulder and aims straight for Patrick's p-spot. Bracing against the door frame, Patrick groans deep and low, pleading for more cock. Jottae drills balls deep and wags his cock side to side inside Patrick's throbbing hole. He sits against the wall as Patrick climbs on to grind his hole into the massive rod. He reaches down to jerk his cock as he fucks himself."

Watch sexy director Dominic Pacifico and his probing camerawork as he directs and coaxes the hottest performance imaginable from these two horny Brazilians.