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Axel and Leicy Get Hot and Crazy

Axel Franco and Leicy Sposito are two varieties of the sexy Brazilian male, Leicy the swarthy,tatted and bearded man's man with a type-A drive, and Axel, the classic Latin beauty with high cheekbones and sandy streaks in his brown hair. Together, they're up to some dick-tickling trouble and we're here for it. Right at the start, these two horny studs don't just kiss, they wrap their muscular arms around each other and MOOSH their perfect faces together like they want to devour every inch of each other. And we can't wait to watch.

Leicy grinds his booty into Axel's stiff piece. For his part Axel is struggling to keep his hazel eyes from rolling back into his head as Leicy gets his mouth in gear to suck. He reaches back to feel the hot pucker nestled in his hairy crack. Axel grabs a buttcheek in each hand to feel the ass he wants so badly to plow. He manages to free one leg from his sport briefs and lie down while Leicy works his oral wizardry. Young and handsome as Axel is, he's definitely an aggressor in the sheets. He drills a wet finger into Leicy's hungry hole then follows with his long thick tongue. Leicy pushes his butt back into the pressure of Axel's raw, rockhard dick and their bodies knit like a well-tuned machine. Head down in the sheets Leicy flashes a pearly white grin as Axel speeds up and pumps in harder. As they rock the bed, these two bareback fuckers sweat and groan in fuck-crazed unison. Axel pulls out and beats his upturned cock just above Leicy's face. The dark and studly bottom geysers out a hot spray of cum as he licks his buddy's shiny dickhead.