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Alessio Goes Dick Crazy

Brett Bradley's in the kitchen swigging his magic fuck sauces when Latin muscleman Alessio Romero stomps in to try out the powerful elixir. In a flash they're on the bed gagging on each other's big stiff rods. Alessio just can't get enough cock, and his mouth isn't all that's cockhungry. His sexy hairy hole is primed and puckered for Brett to plow in raw and rough. Alessio groans with animal lust when he gets the dicking he craves.

Lean cocksman Brett slams in with authority. "Oh, FUCK!!" Alessio pleads, and Brett gives him all he can take. Bradley's nuts slam against the soft furry crack and he can barely hold back. Alessio rolls to his back and lifts his legs high and wide. Alessio needs to shoot his wad. With a "Holy fuck!" he sprays out a sticky splatter on his hairy chest, then Brett floods his hole with a half-pint of creamy cum. Sperm oozes out of the well-fucked raw ass as they kiss.

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rextrek on 10 Sep 2020
Very HOT! The Internal Cumming...Everything!!! WOOF XXX's!!!